Q: How do you get to travel so much? Share your secret!

A: Budgeting/Saving: This has become a huge aspect in my life, and as a financial advisor I continue to learn new techniques everyday. I have thought about getting a travel rewards credit card. Maybe later. What are some of your favorite ones?

Prioritizing: Simply put, travel comes first. I am the kind of girl who would trade unlimited PTO (vacation) for a lower salary. Time is money. As a financial accountant, I am fully aware of how my expenses are allocated (down to the penny!). The key is to learn how to differentiate between wants and needs, then act accordingly. I cringe at how much my peers spend on hair, clothes, etc. nowadays. It’s above me!

Passion: Who is your biggest inspiration? What motivates you? What are your goals? Answer these, and take whatever steps necessary to overcome.

Q: Why should I let you plan my trip?

A: Great question! Travel is not a one size fits all, therefore we strive to create exceptional experiences as unique as your fingerprint. My father, being in the airline business for over 40 years, has taught me the benefits of taking note of certain details that most people neglect when planning out their trip. Who better than someone who has first hand experience? Transparency is key. Travel also has unforeseen drawbacks, and this is not something everyone will share with you.

Culturally, there are things that a foreigner can do that could potentially be a trip spoiler. I am particularly equipped in providing you things you should know about various cultures before embarking on your journey. The trips I curate reflect the perfect balance of culture, luxury, adventure and of course commemorative photography. Come one, come all! In addition, I have been able to make useful connections across the globe, and will do all I can in my power to ensure you snag the best deals.

Q: What do you like most about traveling?

A: If you follow me on Instagram , you probably already know the answer to this. MINGLING WITH THE LOCALS! They really know how to make you feel integrated within their culture, experiencing authentic feels. Traveling also expands my horizons and truly depicts how interlaced we (7.6 billion people) are. It makes me appreciate the commonalities as well as differences while enjoying the incredible beauty of nature. In short, travel humbles you.

Q: Do you work with large groups? How much do you charge?

A: Absolutely! We want you to experience the time of your life, so we work hard to curate exceptional trips that are affordable. Prices varies depending on urgency, group size and other factors. For more information, please check out our Services page.

Q: Do you travel full time?

A: First of all, I am flattered you think I travel that often. I WISH! I have a full time job, one that has absolutely nothing to do with traveling. I do NOT get paid to travel just yet, check back later.

Q: What is your biggest travel hack for finding deals? Cheap flights?

A: Be flexible!!! I cannot stress this enough. There are some great apps like Skyscanner, Rome2Rio, and so many more! Also, always search flights in private/incognito mode. You are likely to get much lower rates this way.

Q: Who takes your photos when you travel solo?

A: Any and everyone. Locals, tourists, and everyone in between. I can turn anyone to a photographer. Who knew?

Q: When did you start traveling?

A: Been nomading since age 3. More seriously during my final year of high school/just starting college. I graduated college in 2013.

Q: What is your advice to first time (solo) travelers?

A: Solo or not, just do it! Trust your gut, be street smart, and live in the present. Also, be curious and ask questions! Generally, locals are receptive when they realize you are a tourist.

Q: How do you pick your next destination?

A: Many things spark my interest. Instagram photos, movies, conversations with randoms, magazines, etc.

Q: What camera and editing apps do you use?

A: I use my iPhone Xr or my Canon t7i. VSCO and Lightroom are my go to apps for editing.

Q: How many countries have you been to?

A: 21 countries (and 6 continents). And counting! Countless cities!

Thanks so much for your incredible questions! Hope we added some value to your life, and if so please spread the word to your friends! If we did not address a specific question, please do not hesitate to drop us a note under the Contact page, and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner :)